Mohit Mehra

Stockbroker, Farmer


I made my first desi air cooler.

There are environmental & economic costs to most comforts we seek. The cost for air cooling can be fairly high given the bunch of energy-consuming components & refrigerants involved. On the other hand, an air cooler can be cost-effective and a friendlier choice for the environment.

Here are the components:
1. An electric fan
2. Khus grass for absorbing water and allowing for slow evaporation
3. A reused PVC pipe to drip water onto the Khus grass
4. Bamboo from the farm for the frame
5. A small water pump to transfer water from a container to the dripping pipe

Here, also check out the tech inside.

An air cooler based on evaporation cooling might not be the best choice in a humid setting, but it works well in dry climates.

I might make a few more of these for the temple and the school. DM for orders 🙂